Community at its best

Nestled in the northeast corner of Vancouver, Beulah Garden (BG) Homes Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to being a caring community championing Christian compassion. Our affordable housing options include both Independent and Assisted-Living services.

The BG Homes dream is to build on its campus of care, allowing people flexibility as their needs change. Not only do we provide different levels of care, but we also have a community adult day centre – all of which promote our ageing-in-place philosophy.

Two women enjoying the community gardens
Aspen Green in relation to Beulah Garden Homes

Since 1951, we’ve been nurturing and growing a safe, comfortable, and connected community. Through activities, events, and personal care, our 60+ staff members are committed to providing you and your loved ones with a warm place to call home.

The Aspen Green Story

Today with BG Aspen Green Society (Aspen Green), the legacy continues. We’ve built 54 independent-living homes for adults aged 60+. As part of the BG Homes community, Aspen Green has access to activities and services offered by BG Homes.

Aspen Green operates in cooperation with BG Homes. BG Homes is a partner ministry of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada